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The Dawn Christadelphians

Welcome to the Dawn Christadelphian European website

The Dawn Christadelphians are a group of Bible-believing Christians who try to get as close as they can to the Christianity of the First Century. We can be found mainly in Great Britain, North America, Africa, Europe and India, but also in the West Indies, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and it is our guide in all things.

We try to read it every day and follow a Bible reading table that helps us to read the complete Old Testament once a year and the complete New Testament twice a year. We meet weekly on Sundays for a Memorial Meeting or Breaking of the Bread. We also have Sunday schools, Bible Studies and Public Talks on a regular basis.

Our local group is called an ecclesia which is Greek for "congregation." Most of the ecclesias meet in each other's homes or in rented halls. A few own their own buildings. We have no central organizations. Each ecclesia runs its own affairs. We are united by our beliefs. We have no clergy, pastors or ministers.

All baptised male members, called Brothers, are eligible to do the work of the Ecclesia, including exhorting, preaching and organising. Baptised female members, called Sisters also help with certain jobs, including teaching in Sunday School, caring for the elderly and sick, and preparing the room for the Memorial Meeting.

Members do not vote, run for office or go to war. We try as much as possible to keep separate from the World, although we are keenly interested in World events.

Find out more about our beliefs, or please email us to make contact.

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